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Floor Care

Keep Your Wood Floors Clean

  • Remove grit regularly with a dust mop, soft broom or vacuum
  • Wipe up spills with a clean barely damp cloth
  • Do not use waxes, furniture polish, Murphy's oil soap
  • Do not use Pine Sol or Ammonia
  • Do use a diluted solution of mild (dish) soap and water

Protect Your Wood Floors

  • Use floor protectors on the bottoms of all furniture
  • High heels can dent the wood fibers of your floor
  • Use area rugs in front of sink and walk off mats at entry ways
  • All surfaces can be scratched - keep dogs toenails trimmed

Control Your Homes Humidity

  • Dry air will cause your floor to contract causing boards to separate
  • A humidifier should be used if indoor humidity drops below 40%
  • If humidity rises over 50% use air conditioning or fans for ventilation

Before the finish on your floor is worn through to bare wood - schedule a buff and coat with 1st Avenue Hardwood Floors