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New install of hallway to match existing oak in bedrooms

The new oak floor shown above was finished just in time for the new home owner to move in before the holidays.

Get er done!

The picture above shows the installation of 2 1/4" white oak. Note the chalked lines to mark for the floor joists. When installing hardwood flooring the wood runs opposite the floor joists to ensure secure fastening and to prevent sagging.

The new oak floor from above with a natural - no stain - finish with a second coat of polyurethane.  Note the smooth high gloss sheen.

This is a new install of oak in the hallway and closet.

New hall floor above stained to match the living room and bedroom floors. Our clients were thrilled with a job well done!

In the picture above we show how to use a turn board to extend an existing oak floor with the installation of new oak flooring.

Turn board up close

In the photo above we show the repair of a wood floor after walls were removed. It was important to our customer to maintain as much of the original floor as possible.