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Q.  When should the floor work begin?

A.  Schedule the hardwood floor work to begin after any other heavy mechanical work has been completed, i.e., electrical and / or plumbing, dry wall and taping, etc. The floor should remain free of foot traffic during the sanding and finishing processes.

Q.  Should I remove art work, etc. from the walls?

A.  There is no need to remove pictures or decor from the walls. However, it would be wise to remove valuable art from the work area.

Q.  Who should remove the existing floor covering, i.e., carpet or linoleum?

A.  Removing carpet involves cutting the carpet in three foot strips, rolling and tying with twine. Our quotes include costs to remove carpet, nail strip, and staples. Demolition of linoleum will depend on how it was installed. Again, we will include the cost for linoleum removal with the quote.

Q.  What might a home owner use to remove pet stains from a hardwood floor?

A.  We have seen good results from a product called, Nature's Miracle.

Q.  Will we have to leave the home while the floors are being finished?

A.  Home owners / residents should expect there will be noise for the first one or two days of sanding. And, although we do our best to keep dust to a minimum there will be a small amount of dust. Depending on the product used to finish the floor there could be odors or vapors. The Floor Mechanic will discuss these concerns with you before the finishing process begins. We ask that owners contain their pets during the sanding and finishing processes.

Q.  When will the floor be ready for foot traffic, etc.

A.  The new finish on your floor will take several days to achieve its full cure. Upon completion, we recommend light (stocking feet only) foot traffic for the first two days. It is best to wait as long as possible before moving furniture back in. Depending on the product used to finish the floor follow the guidelines listed below.

  • With polyurethane wait five to seven days before moving furniture back
  • With most waterbase finishes wait two days before moving furniture back
  • With Glitsa Gold Seal wait one to two days before moving furniture back
  • Wait as long as 30 days before placing large rugs on the newly finished floor

See Floor Care for maintenance procedures on How to Keep Your Hardwood Floors Looking Beautiful. Additionally, after the work is completed, the Floor Mechanic will walk through the finished work with you and answer any questions you might have.