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Certainly the more economical finish, polyurethane provides beauty, durability and affordability. With oil modified polyurethane expect longer dry time, an amber tint and a light lingering odor for up to 90 days upon completion. With oil modified polyurethane you gain the most build on the floor. Allow five to seven days after the final coat for heavy foot traffic.

Available in both residential grade and commercial grade as either an out of the bottle or cross linked / catalyzed product, waterbase finishes are the environmentally friendly option. With waterbase finishes expect a clear and colorless look with virtually no odor and quicker dry times. Allow six hours to dry and one week to cure.

Absolutely the best floor finish on the market, "the Glitsa Gold Seal System provides a unique combination of durability, scratch and scuff resistance, clarity, and grain definition. The Gold Seal System also provides unsurpassed beauty by bringing out the natural colors of your wood floor". Allow twelve hours dry time for the final coat and two to three days before moving furniture back onto the floor. More information at www.glitsa.com